Spring Chevron Subway Art Printable With Photoshop Tutorial

Beginner Photoshop Tutorial

I have finally gotten around to updating my art prints for spring.  Here is my chevron floral spring subway art printable for you to download.  The available file below is in blue and orange.  You are welcome to change the color scheme to fit your decor and taste (like I did for the above pink version).  What?  You aren’t sure how?  If you have Photoshop or Elements, I can help you with that.

The file is 11×17.  I realize this is not the easiest print size to find a frame for, but they are out there, so I will walk you through a simple way to resize it.  I favor 11×17 because it is big enough to pack a punch in it’s space on my living room wall, and it is only $0.86 to have it printed at Office Depot.  At that price, changing my artwork when I get the urge is totally doable.  I have scored some frames that size at goodwill and garage sales (TIP:  always carry a tape measurer)!

Here is the original.  Click on it to open the full size in a new window, and save it to your computer.  This is the file you will open in Photoshop or elements to follow the color changing and resizing tutorial.

Spring Subway Art Printable



Using crop to resize is fine to do when you are going down in size, and usually even when

you are increasing size, but in some cases the latter will leave you with pixelating.

I won’t get into that here, but just keep that in mind when working with your detailed images.

Open the file in Photoshop.

Choose the crop tool and enter desired settings for

height and width as shown.

Adjustment layers in Photoshop

Now apply the crop like this…

Using crop tool in Photoshop

If you are ready to print…

Go to file in the horizontal toolbar, and save your image.

Print using shortcut Command (on Mac)+ Shift+alt+P,

or just select Print in the file drop down.

If you want to change the color scheme, hold off on saving and printing,

and keep reading…

Cropping in Photoshop


Beginner Photoshop Tutorial

Want to selectively adjust a specific hue?


To change the blue color only for this image, select CYAN in the

dropdown menu (blue is highlighted, but that ended up not being

the right choice for this image’s blue color).  The default is master, which

means whatever changes you make will be applied to the entire image.

Selecting cyan makes the adjustment apply only to that hue.  So cool!  You can

select red in your photo of a red rose, and drag the saturation up to make

the red pop, or selectively desaturate all hues except subject’s eye color,

making the eyes stand out in color against an otherwise black and white portrait.

The creative possibilities are endless!

Beginner Photoshop Tutorial

Want all one hue?


Beginner Photoshop Tutorial

I hope that was helpful.  Now you can have the print just the way you want it.  Photoshop is amazing once it stops being so intimidating.  I am so glad I put the time into countless online tutorials and got comfortable with the software.  If you have the time, and would love to create your own art prints, edit your photos, design your blog, and much more, there is no better way.

I am open to your suggestions for what you would like to see in terms of printables and photoshop tutorials.  Don’t be shy!

For more of my Photoshop posts, visit my tutorials page at Saved By Love Creations.

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Debbie refresh restyle March 6, 2012 at 10:08 am

Love this!

Shannon Fox March 16, 2012 at 8:34 pm

So cute and I have ps elements… will enjoy playing with it. Pinned to share =)

The Bean Sprout Notes August 9, 2013 at 11:26 pm

Thanks for the tips on hue/saturation adjustment. I didn’t realize I could even recolor parts of an image like that. SWEET! Thank you so much for teaching us 🙂

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